Our Mission


Prevent Medication Related Hospitalization:

Our vision is to prevent medication related hospitalization and complications. These could be due to Drug-Drug, Drug-food, and/or Drug-Health Interactions. We want to hear from you on constant basis and be there to answer your questions and recognize possible life threatening interactions. By monitoring you throughout your therapy we will insure that any existing and/or new medication(s) will not alter your health.

Finding The Right Course of Therapy:

We do not limit our services to chemical based medications. We believe in all avenues of medicine, not only pharmaceutical. My goal is to explain to you all alternative options and have you choose your path of therapy after knowing all the risks and benefits of each medicinal path.

Preventing poly-pharmacy:

It is our belief that many medications may be there to simply deal with the side effects of other medications (This is called Poly-Pharmacy). By changing the offending medication we can hope to discontinue unnecessary medications and prevent Poly-Pharmacy.